I’ve never clammed.  Scott has.  One night not long ago the state department of wildlife matters gave a green light on clamming in our town in Washington for about a week.  We went to the beach to check it out.  To learn.  To be social.

Okay, I went to photograph at sunset, too.  How could I resist that?  Not a chance!

I wasn’t sure about the photographs, as I’m still learning.  I never know what to anticipate, but who does?  After we sat in the car for a bit, I saw an opportunity and took it like a seagull to any form of food!  Out of the car I flew!

Scott emerged with Susanna and chatted up some new neighbors.  They were the ones I photographed.  No one knew (but you) that I photographed them, and I felt okay with it, as they were silhouetted.








Also, I was able to capture my beloved S-es (Scott and Susanna) walking on the beach at sunset while learning to clam.  How awesome!


Have you had any wonderful sunset or photograph moments lately?  Are you a clam lover or clam so-so-er?

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Last Modified: October 13, 2013

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