12 years ago I spent a bit of time in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  On the drive down to Salt Lake City, I fell in love with Utah when I saw Bear Lake for the first time. I hoped I might live in Utah one day, and sure enough I do!

My parents took the opportunity to visit Susanna and us and drive to Yellowstone and the Tetons over Memorial Day weekend. It was a very speedy, but wonderful visit with family, Mother Nature, and her creatures.  Oh, and rain.  A whole lot of much-needed rain on the way back.


Wild West Pizzeria in West Yellowstone, MT which provided us with great food and an unexpected “home away from home” moment when we saw all of the Steelers decorations.  Yep, the owners are originally from the ‘Burgh and the bartender is from Clarion.  #SteelersNation  


Just inside the West Entrance.  I’m not sure we saw any trumpeter swans, or maybe we did.  It was just lovely and oh-so delightful to be out of the car and soak up Nature.


Some form of bird.  I’m really not sure what it is, but it was in the trumpeter swan area gliding gracefully.


Baby bison!  Aren’t they adorable?


Not so baby bison.


The Artist Paintpot area.  The tiny flowers caught my eye in the midst of all of the thermal activity.  


Returning to the car from the Artist Painpot area as it started to rain. I love the balance of the new growth with the charred remains from the 1988 fires.


The Porcelain Basin.  I wish we could have spent more time here, but, once again, it started to rain and it was cold.  A cold wet baby (even in her ErgoBaby carrier) is not always the best kind of baby to have.  


Scott was all about photographing the geese and made sure we had plenty of options to include in this post!


A female moose.  She was opposite another female moose on the other side of the road munching on breakfast as we drove by.


The Grand Prismatic Spring area.  This sign befuddled us a bit, as it seems obvious that one shouldn’t swim in the river, but … I guess it’s necessary to post it after all? #CommonSenseWhenYouAreInAThermalArea


Old Faithful.  We arrived 5 minutes before it went off.  Mom, Scott, Susanna, and I hung back by the Visitor’s Center which made getting pictures above the crowds far easier.  (Of course, given that it was super cold that day, the crowds weren’t what I imagine they are like in the peak summer months.)


Kepler Cascades.  This was one of my favorite spots to visit 12 years ago.  I was thankful to share it with others and to revisit it.


The first of the three Continental Divide crossings.  


I love that Scott is wearing his Boston shirt in the above picture and I’m in my MMT volunteer jacket.  It’s just who we are.


The Tetons.  They wowed my folks as we started our trek down to the Jenny Lake area.


The Grand Teton is under the cloud.  We stood in the parking lot while Scott reminisced climbing it 26 years ago.


Sunflowers at Jenny Lake.  The mountains this time of year are filled with them, making the drive absolutely gorgeous!


In a few years Scott will be back to sign in here to climb the Grand again.  This is a picture of transition, which seems to be the theme of our lives right now. 

What transitions are currently on going in your own life?  What National Parks do you enjoy visiting or would you like to visit?

2 comments on “Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons- A Drive Through Version

  1. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

    Beautiful pictures! We’ve never been to Yellowstone or the Tetons but have them on our list. We love the National Park System and can’t wait to take our girls to Zion, Yosemite, and Glacier. We also have Jasper and Banff on our list, as well as venturing way north to the parks in Alaska. We’ll be in Acadia in August after a family wedding. Can’t wait to enjoy some fresh-out-of-the-water lobster and oceanside hiking!

    1. Wendy Ennis Post author


      Jasper and Banff are also on our list. Calgary is a 15 hour drive due north on I-15, and I tried to convince Scott to race Calgary 70.3 so we could visit. He has plans for The Other Half in Moab, so we’ll be spending a few days in Arches NP this October.

      Something of which I was unaware until our recent Tetons trip is that there is a great multiuse trail through the park. It appears to connect with another trail further south through Jackson for quite a ways. We’re hoping to get back up there, camp at Gros Ventre, and let Scott do some serious training. With it being only 5 hours away, it seems wise to enjoy it while we’re here!

      All the best,


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