Sometimes I like to read the end of the book a bit after starting it.  Consider the end of the book these pictures.




Here’s the story behind it.

Earlier last week I was thinking that I needed to find a bookshelf for all of Susanna’s books.  Our small place means that we are always on the look out for keeping things organized.  Her books have become a get-me-organized issue of late, and we’ve even donated some we don’t read very often.  #RecyclingMakesOurHeartsHappy

Shortly after I began thinking about it, the Spring Pinterest Challenge hosted by Sherry, Katie, Renee, and Emily appeared.  The timing of this challenge was much like the Winter one, in which I (to me) had no time to make something due to other obligations and real life stuff.

Yet, just like the Winter one, the challenge concept got the best of me, I made time, and I am so grateful that I did.  (Side note- last time I made a $0 drum for our girl which she still loves.  It was super easy and put to use the formula cans that companies send new moms.)

Hours after reading about the challenge, I asked Scott if we could hit our local thrift store.  I figured I’d find inspiration there for something to pin to help tweak it.  Yes, I knew I needed to not make something from scratch due all that was going on in our lives.  #SometimesYouHaveToPlaySmart

I found this wooden heart thing for 50 cents.




I immediately envisioned it as a heart bookshelf.  I showed it to Scott, and he thought it was a cradle that needed legs.  I stuck to my arteries Mom’s intuition, and he waited through the surgery DIY process while I painted and trusted.




For those who prefer a more wordy step-by-step, here you are…

  • I removed the price tags and sanded down the wooden heart with 150 grit sand paper.
  • I wiped the wooden heart down with a cloth wipe because that’s what I had on hand easily.
  • I painted the outside red and the inside white with 2 coats of acrylic paint that was previously purchased on sale at Michael’s.
  • I free-handed the gradient lines on both sides knowing full well they were not going to be perfectly even (or straight).  This was just to see what I thought about the size of each color.
  • I mixed my paints on a plastic plate and I painted each section.
  • I sealed it with acrylic matte sealer purchased at Michael’s with a 50% off Joann’s coupon.

All of it was painted on Susanna’s mat that we bought recently.  I painted the gradient sections with Susanna playing between my legs which explains why there aren’t more photos of the gradient-painting process.


I took comfort in consulting  my Pinterest inspiration source.

When it was all done, it cost $4.24- 50 cents for the wooden heart and $3.74 for acrylic sealer that was used at the end.  I had everything else on hand (including time).

I am beyond-thrilled with how it turned out.  It may look simple, but it meant my having to think quickly, trust my vision, make time, and execute.  That’s not always easy.

Are you a gradient fan?  Did you participate in the Spring Pinterest Challenge?  How do you manage your child(ren)’s books?

7 comments on “DIY Gradient Heart Bookshelf

    1. Wendy Ennis Post author


      Thanks for the kind words.

      I’ve never been a heart-shaped person, but I think my little girl is converting me (and to a whole bunch more)!

  1. Elizabeth

    I LOVE it! I love the ombre. What a great bookshelf you made at a great price. I wish I could do something like that… I try DIY but it usually ends up looking awful and nothing like I want it! lol.

    1. Wendy Ennis Post author


      Thank you for the kind words.

      If you had seen me last night in the midst of a special onesie I was working on. Oh man! Fortunately I kept on seeking solutions and found something that worked! I’ll share it on Monday. It’s for Memorial Day-4th of July, and if I can say so… it’s pretty cute! (Total biased opinion!)

      All the best,


  2. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

    Very cute! You are WAY craftier than I will ever be! I love children’s books and honestly feel my girls can never have too many good books. Having said that, my girls bookshelves were getting a little out of control. Last weekend I did some spring cleaning to remove those we never read. We’re donating them to the girls’ daycare.

    1. Wendy Ennis Post author

      How kind of you to donate to the girls’ daycare. I’m sure that they will be so thankful to you and your family for it!

      I won’t admit how many books are under Susanna’s bed right now due to limited storage space and gifts from love!

      All the best,


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