This is the story of a lovely idea that didn’t quite go as planned.  It’s ending has yet to be told.

Susanna means “lily” in Hebrew, and I love to photograph nature- especially flowers. Susanna’s nursery is far from being completed, so I thought I would take some of my flower photos and make them into something unique for her room.

It started with 7 flower photos, a print out of S, U, A, and N for stencils, scissors, a pen, and painters tape.  Scott and I discussed the order of the pictures, but mostly it was my decision.




When all of the letters were cut out, a few things clued me in that this project’s finale was a long ways away.

  1. I traced the Ns backwards.  Note to all: be careful with letters and their reverse images when tracing them.
  2. The total width of SUSANNA with spaces was too great for a regulation-sized frame in stores.  Yes, I should have thought about it before, but I was so stuck on my vision that I didn’t see it.  Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?
  3. The letters didn’t look right.  It was that nagging feeling that something was. just. wrong.  I had it at the start of the project when I laid out the pictures, but I ignored it.  *insert foreboding music*


Yet, I was determined to save this project.  I discussed ideas with Scott.  We agreed the best solution was to do only her initials: SHE.  Perfect, I thought, because we have always referred to Susanna as SHE.

I searched my files for flowers that would work, and chose three.  I shared them with Scott, and he liked them.  We found two frames at Target that we liked for her initials in flowers, and went to JoAnn’s for paper to be used for the background.


Yet, for some reason, this project never continued beyond the “thoughts-in-progress” stage.  Finally at dinner one night, I shared with Scott this picture.


He told me he didn’t like it.  The S reminded him of a snake.  For me this wasn’t an issue, but for him it was.  He hunted snakes as a kid, and he didn’t want that memory in his daughter’s room.

I pointed to frames in our living room, and asked him which he liked better: the ones I had stained or a white one.  He said the white one.

I searched “initial frames” on Pinterest.  None of them screamed out to me.  I wanted something unique, me, and that reflected SHE.  As a result, this project is on hold.  For now.  I’m sure it will re-emerge at some point, and I’m open to suggestions on what might be best, so please share!

On a more successful project note, I did make Super Yummy Homemade Granola.

Have you ever had a project that just didn’t quite go as planned?  What did you learn from it?  What hangs in your child’s room, or what do you plan on hanging in your child’s room?

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Last Modified: February 4, 2013

5 comments on “DIY Initial Frame Whoops

  1. Carrie

    It’s a great idea, but I can see where the flower gets lost in the letter cutout, and that “S” does start looking a little snake-ish. What about making larger or thicker letters to capture more of the flower image? Or using some flower photos with smaller flowers so that you’d be able to see the actual flowers on the letters. Or maybe make one big S with the larger flower pictures? I’ve never tried anything like this, but just some ideas. I’ve definitely had plenty of projects that didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped! Good luck!

  2. Wendy Ennis Post author


    Thank you for the awesome ideas on how we might tweak this into success! Scott is glad that you saw the snake bit, and he’s not alone in that perspective.

    Take care.


  3. Stefani

    Hi! Hopped over to your blog from YHL! I’m a new mom too. My baby girl was born September 13 so she’ll be 5 months old already next week!

    Anyway I wanted to share the framed name I made for her nursery, maybe it will inspire you :)

    I haven’t blogged hardly at all since Madison was born, aside from one sleep deprived grumpy post back several months ago :) I love blogging so I’m hoping to get back into it again, it’s just so hard to find time to accomplish anything any more!

    And yes I have to agree, that last picture of the S looks very much like a snake to me too :)

    Such pretty pics of flowers though. Maybe you could do like YHL did with their “all you need is love” painting and use the stencils to paint the letters on top of the flower pictures instead?

    1. Wendy Ennis Post author


      Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! It is amazing how time goes into a different speed or zone with a baby!

      Thank you for the ideas on the frame. Yours is very cute! I have a hard time with individual letters next to her crib as she shares a room with her older brother (when he’s in town) and his loft bed. Yes, we cram a lot of love into a small space!

      The “all you need is love” is a good thought and I appreciate it. I might try that or something with sea glass or buttons. I’m not sure why, but the thought of letters sticking out from the frames is appealing to me. I think I need to mock it up first though.

      Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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