One day I’ll get around to sharing in writing Susanna’s birth story, if only for her.  For now, the Cliff Notes version looks like this: 41 weeks of pregnancy=induction=34 hours of pain-med-free labor=C-section=healthy baby at 36 hours 10 minutes, but who’s quantifying? (Scott and I joke about my all-too-frequent quantification.)

The key phrases above are “C-section” and “healthy baby.”  As a result of the former, I was unable to resume working out from the birth of the later until 5 weeks postpartum.  This was not what I had planned.  (That was to be doing stair repeats while Susanna slept as maternity is on the 4th floor at McKay-Dee Hospital.)

Yet knowing that following orders can be a good thing at times, especially when it comes to medical matters, I listened.  I waited.  I rested.  I was active, very active, but I never worked out before my postpartum OB visit though I reminisced about pregnancy workouts.

When I was finally cleared by my fabulous doctor, I donned this spiffy outfit.  Susanna promptly demanded to be fed, and the workout went on pause.


With a quietly sleeping baby, I pressed play on the work out, and it looked like this.

  • Wall sit- 1 minute


  • High plank- 1 minute


  • Internal cheer that my plank was solid & my arms felt great- 10 seconds
  • Wall sit- 1 minute


  • High plank- 30 seconds


  • Low plank- 30 seconds


  • Pause to soak in that I was actually doing it- 10 seconds
  • Bound ankle pose- 1 minute


  • Child’s pose- 1 minute


  • Realization that I had just completed 2 yoga poses without a baby belly- 15 seconds…it was a big moment!

Yes, that was it.  6 minutes of working out and learning my new body.  I could have done more, but I was cautious.  My abdomen still felt a bit different, and I listened to it.  I studied it.  I figured it was best to resume working out bit-by-bit.

Now I’d like to say that I’ve been actively running on trails since this happened, but it’s not true.  Utah has been blessed with frigid brry temps and precipitation.  Our view from our driveway is this.


One day these mountains will be ready for me to run and hike in them.  Until then I’m listening (I’ll listen) to my body, working out at home, and enjoying the views!

What are your plans for working out post pregnancy?  What challenges have you encountered, or you suspect might exist? How have you overcome them, or you plan on overcoming them?  Grandmas and others with experience, what advice or words of wisdom would you offer moms completing a first postpartum workout?

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Last Modified: January 24, 2013

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