Susanna’s at the age (almost 7 weeks) where she is far more interested in looking around and learning while in her car seat than she is just sleeping and enjoying the movement.  She enjoys the later actions a lot, too, but she’s mixing it up as we are out and about.

Scott and I have made a conscious effort to use what we have for entertaining our daughter and helping her to learn.  With that in mind, I recently made her some simple DIY car seat toys out of what we had in the house, minus a bit of ribbon.  The inspiration for these came from Made by Joel.

Here’s how it went down.

The supplies








resulted in these.


They were then attached to Susanna’s car seat.


We’ve been out on a few car rides with her since they were attached and she seems to intently stare at them.  They are simply tied to the handle bar and can be attached to other place in our home for her enjoyment as needed.  We have not used them on a stroller yet, as we don’t have one…yet.

Project Breakdown

Foam-  $0

Modge Podge- $0

Scissors- $0

Ribbon- $1 plus tax

Total- $1 plus tax

Total time- about 20 minutes plus drying time, so maybe 1 hour

What toys have you made for your child or to-be-born child?  What sources of inspiration do you draw on when creating the toys?



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Last Modified: January 23, 2013

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  1. Wendy Ennis Post author

    Thanks! They were super fun to make!

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