Third Trimester Gratitude

What are (or were you) grateful for during the third trimester…or at the present moment?

The third trimester brings its own beautiful set of realities. Each person, each pregnancy, each moment unique to what is going on in life for the specific person.  Some moments can be emotionally overwhelming while others are perhaps a mix of boredom and impatience.

As I tick closer to welcoming a new little girl to tag team with her big sister, I’m constantly aware of all that fills my life and for that I’m grateful.

  • The ability to saw and haul limbs safely. Over the summer I thought I was done with clearing land and burning.  I was going to put up my tools, rest my legs, and live a blissfully boring life.  Then September came, discussions happened, and determination emerged back.  On Saturday I sawed for three hours.  On Sunday, it was Scott’s turn.  He said, “it’s addicting!”  Yes, my love, it is.  I’m grateful that I’ve come to know how to work with a third trimester body to continue to beautify our land as we seek.
  • A husband who works from home.  Last week was tough.  The stomach flu wound itself through me worse than I’ve ever experienced.  On Monday Scott let work go to be with Susanna, and then worked late at night.  On Tuesday, he was still on primary parent duty as I was recovering more.
  • The ability to stock our home with good food.  We’ve got quite a freezer and pantry stash.  It makes meals incredibly simple.  I can either pull something already made from the freezer or create something from what exists.  It also helps as the weather has turned, and we can avoid long drives to the grocery store.
  • Clocks and perceptions.  My 2000 swim time felt slow on Sunday.  The clocks, however, told me I was still on the same pace as a few weeks ago.  I’m grateful for something “fixed” when the internal perceptions are subjective.
  • Common sense.  It’d be incredibly tempting to buy, buy, buy “new stuff” for the end of the pregnancy “just ’cause…”  Fortunately, thankfully I’ve held off.  I’m choosing to wait and see what is needed, what reality brings, and what is best.
  • A down comforter.  I sleep against this, under the belly when I’m on my right side, and it’s the absolute best!  With Susanna, I used a fleece blanket, but the down comforter is much more perfect this time around.  The extra warmth is fabulous, too.

What made your third trimester better?  How are you comforting your life with gratitude?  

Saturday Sips: Things We Do Well

Do you focus on the eek, the ick, or the wow?  What’s well and wow in your world today, or lately?

This week taught me a lot.  The stomach flu visited our sweet family at the early part, and I had the worst of it.  That experience was a blessing, as Scott and Susanna were visited by it on Sunday.

A blessing?  Yes, I was able to take care of them on Sunday and they bonded lovingly on Monday and Tuesday while I icked, eeked, and recovered with wow!

So, as it’s Saturday, the day of Saturday sipping and sharing, I thought I’d share what I focused on during the week, a week of more wow than eek or ick.

  • Yoga in the morning. Yoga at night.  I skipped a swim on Wednesday as I was flat out way too recovering to deal with an 0515 alarm.  Yoga bit-by-bit was wonderful, quiet, and so encouraging.
  • Christmas cards are (almost) done. Yes, like with Susanna’s birth we’re combining birth announcements with Christmas cards.  We have the cards signed, the envelopes ordered, the Washi tape in hand, and all we need is a little E for pictures (and pictures to be taken and printed).  Whew…
  • A morning of baking, cleaning, and organizing.  One of the blessings of Scott and I both working from home is that sometimes one of enjoys an outing with Susanna solo while the other works in some regard at home, alone or vice versa- working outside solo with her at home.  This week I had three hours to myself to do laundry, bake, clean, pay bills, and more.  The sweet stillness of home was amazing.  Equally as wonderful were the photos Scott sent of Susanna out and about, his call updating a few things, and his understanding when I said I was busy and frustrated with a situation.
  • Stepping back from yard work. Sunday was a fun-day swim and then almost three hours of yard work while the S-crew napped and flu-ed it.  The rest of the week, despite very desire I had, I stepped away (minus five minutes of clipping and pondering how to down a few trees safely).  It was joyous.  One day it will be done, and for now, I’m content that it’s not…yet.
  • Good reads.  Laura and Stonyfield Farms unite for Boston 2015.  Another… Happy news for Amy and her family. Finally… Profoundly personal while being honest and self-censored about weight via Jessica. 

Focusing on all of these physical and all the non-physical items here (e.g. reflecting on the life Scott and I live, the pure enjoyment of sleeping in with Susanna, researching a few items for E and then letting them go) was far, far more pleasant than focusing on the physical realities of earlier this week.

What’s sipping in your home today?  Where are things going well?  Any great Saturday or weekend plans to share?

Science on the Beach

Were you a fan of Science as a kid?  How are you or do you plan on incorporating Science into your child(ren)’s life/lives?

Yesterday the rain stopped.  The sun poked out for more than 10 minutes.  There were no weather advisories.  That’s different than today.

We spent much of the first half of the day on the beach working on creative projects and then later processing them.  In the midst of all of the creativity, we had a full day of Science for learning for all of us that continues.

  • We spotted bald eagles further up the coast, and watched a Vietnam Combat Veteran photograph them before briefly thanking him for his service.
  • We saw two dead seal pups and one dead gray-colored whale, and observed the circle of life with the birds.
  • We listened to and videoed a peregrine falcon, and attempted to photograph it to not much photographing success.
  • We found a vertebrae that came home with us.  It was buried a bit in the sand and Scott thought it was driftwood, but took a closer look and confirmed that it was bone.

There are moments, in the rain, when I wish we could get out more (like most of this week, including during those icky stomach flu times).  We’ve agreed to drop and go when the sun is out, and yesterday was a drop, create, and learn day.

Science has always been important to me, yet, seeing it in action before our eyes was incredible.  Hearing the peregrine falcon was phenomenal!  The vertebrae was a total bonus find.  I look forward to sharing more that we learn about it with Susanna and her little sister whose arrival is nearing.

What aspects of Science interest you the most?  What Science exists where you are?