Raising a PNW Family

Where did you grow up?  How did it impact you and your choices on raising your family?

Scott and I are both Navy brats.  We chose to move quite a bit before we met and married.  In the first three years of our marriage (which we’ll celebrate in a few weeks), we’ve moved four times.

For now, we’re settled.  We like it.  We have big plans, yet, we have a home.  A spot we adore.  A place for which we’ve looked for more than our combined married life.

We’re at peace with where we are.  We adore raising our family here.


  • The water.  We both love life near the water.  The ocean is less than a mile from our home. We can walk or drive there when we like or “just ’cause…”
  • Lots of land. Our place has a big piece of land for our area.  Susanna can run and climb for hours.  There’s immense potential.  The quiet of it is amazing.
  • Small town. We are okay living far, far from a big city and any city in fact.  We have come to embrace that the people here like us and we like them.  It’s heart warming to walk into a store and see people’s faces light up when we greet them or they greet us.
  • A great pool.  It might be small, but it’s close.  It has all that we need and we like it.
  • Resourcefulness and independence. Our children are learning to be resourceful and independent.  Susanna will contentedly play at the beach for hours (til we drag her away…) or will climb on driftwood in the yard, creating games and challenging her body.  We use all that we find at the beach, and we talk about it.
  • Self sufficiency.   We clam, we fish, we crab, and we eat it.  We use what we grow and we sample away from the outside.  Soon (within a year or two) we’ll have thriving blackberry plants so we’ll be able to eat more from our own yard.
  • Incredible neighbors.  We know they exist and they know us.  We respect each other’s boundaries and time, and also understand that if anything…anything is needed, all one has to do is call or ask.

So what led us here from our past?  Most likely it was a combination of being Navy brats where the water welcomed us, of our own desires to be independent and resourceful, and seeking a spot to feel at “home” after so many, many moves.

For us, the beauty of the PNW is incredible.  Family is close, but we have our own spot.  As writers, the ever changing world of the ocean and coast with the Olympic Mountains visible is awesome.

How does your area impact how you are raising your child(ren) or will raise your family?  If you could raise your family anywhere, where would it be and why?

Saturday Chat Time

How has your week been?  What’s on your mind and in your heart?  

Per the last two weeks, it’s time for the Saturday virtual chat.  Share what you like, what you might over a drink, or while chilling peacefully in a beautiful spot.

Here’s what’s on my mind and in my heart.

  • Tree frogs. The families that live near us have been quite vocal.  It’s lovely.  It makes me forget that we live in a house some days.  Their sounds echo throughout our just-right-for-us place and bring peace to us.
  • The fuchsia that didn’t die…and a future fence? As we’ve been praying on what to do with our land, we decided to take a go at clearing a 20 x 20 section.  Nothing says third trimester fitness like skipping a swim in favor of sawing, clipping, and hauling limbs, right?  Rather as Scott said, “it’s therapeutic” and he’s so right. … At the start of the clearing, I noticed that a fuchsia we had heavily pruned was in bloom.  Pretty!  I wondered about clearing the entire front of our land and planting a “fuchsia fence.”  Scott liked the idea, so that’s our plan.  Over the next 18 months (or before?) we’ll clear the sections, plant a blackberry fence and also a fuchsia fence.


  • Rest. I’ve chosen to let go of a bit and just rest when needed.  Purely wonderful.
  • Meat inventory.  We have a spare chest freezer in the garage.  I took inventory this week while Susanna drew on the chalkboard nearby.  In light of that, I’m aiming to keep our monthly food budget at under $150 for the next few months. (Yes, we have a lot, and yes, I have about 60 meals prepped for when E is born.)
  • Swimming continues. I only got in one swim this week, but it was a solid 2000 and then we did a family swim the next day.  My body continues to love the water, and I did some yoga in the pool, too.  Absolute peace.

How are you?  What’s going on in your world, with your family, etc.?  What drinks do you prefer while chatting away?

When Super Mom Drops Her Cape

Are you a Super Mom or know one?  Have you ever dropped your cape?

A fabulous friend recently shared with me a secret… Moms are not Super Women.  I’d been sensing that a lot lately, but hearing her say it reaffirmed it.  It also caught me off guard a bit.

So what happens when I drop my Super Mom cape?  Do I loose myself?  Does my house become a mess?  Does Susanna get angry and feisty?  Are meals uncooked?

On the contrary… as I’ve started to accept that I’m not Super Woman and it’s okay for me to be me and not Super Woman, I’ve found more peace.


Yes, peace.  I’ve come to enjoy time with Susanna more. I’ve relaxed more with this pregnancy.  I’m more attentive to Scott.  I do what I can in a finite period of time and I let it go.  I’m more efficient with “chores.”

In short, not being Super Woman has also made me happier.  Ahh…

What capes do you carry?  Do you feel lost without a cape?