The Wonder of Instagram

Are you an Instagram junkie or not?  How do you take in messages?

Way back when, at the very start of life, I was drawn to images and words.  This beautiful dance of stories in all forms.  Little bits.

As a college kid, I would send care packages to friends.  Always visual.  Always with words.  Always from the heart.

A month or so ago, a friend reminded me of this need.  I need to nurture that part of myself. “How?,” I wondered…


It’s perfect!

It’s simple.  It’s sweet.  It’s short.  It’s profound.  It’s a lot less wordy (for some) than a blog post.

And so, there I’ve turned.  While blogging has been sporadic, if that, of late.  And replying to blog comments has been non existent (eek!), I’ve made it a habit to photograph more and share thoughts via Instagram.

If you like, check it out… @newmomstalk

I’m curious about those Instagram feeds that you love..

Would you share, please?  Your favorite Istagram feeds.  What are they?  Why do you love them?

Mine… @usinterior @natgeo @conrad_anker @yoginaomi @ameliakyoga @janeheinrichs

Carving Time

Do you like art?  What is time for you?  How, as a mother, do you mingle art and time?

It’s said so often.  It’s a topic that emerges frequently with new moms.  Time.  Balancing.  Giving to oneself.

For the last few years, I haven’t been so good at it.  I’ve resented Scott.  I’ve befuddled reality with myself and my girls.


Acceptance and honesty are the keys for me.

Accepting that I need time for me.  Accepting that I need quiet.  Accepting that my girls are better for having a role model.  A woman, a mother who meets her own needs.  Sure, while sacrificing a lot, but not playing the martyr card just because it exists.

So I’m laying down my cards.

I’m honoring my needs.

I’m carving time for me.  It’s started before which is why I can write this. I’ve made time, bit by bit, for being outside.  For photographing.  For yoga.  For exercising.

My body and my mind are responding well.  I’m tired, at times, but that’s to be expected with a two year old and a three month old.

More than anything, I’m profoundly grateful.  I’m grateful that I’m carving time for me.  That I’m nurturing myself.

You know what?

Just as the wind carves the wood that’s drifted ashore near us into gorgeous pieces, my time carving my life is beautiful.

How do you balance it all, or any of it?  How do you carve and create in your life?

C-Section Recovery Supports

Have you ever had (major) surgery?  What helped you to recover from it?

Before Elena’s birth, I worked to reorganize our house.  I knew I would be out of commission for a while, but I didn’t know just how I would feel for how long.  With the hope of returning to activity as soon as possible, I made a few choices that supported my C-section recovery immensely.

  1. All kitchen items were placed at waist height. I knew there would be no bending and limited squatting, so I put key pots and pans on a few counters and in a few drawers for easy access.  I also moved food to shelves that were at the same waist height.
  2. Clothes were relocated to a common area near the bed. We bed share/co-sleep, so I moved my clothes near my space of the room.  It was awesome.  It was a relief to have different clothes close at hand and to be independent (mostly) with getting dressed.
  3. The bed was prepped before I left for the hospital. Since we had a RCS (Repeat C-Section), it was easy to prep the bed.  Everything was ready for the most part, and Scott quickly helped when we got home.  As I spent a crazy amount of time in bed, it was a blessing to have it done.

There were things I wish I had done in order to help the recovery, but that’s another day, another post, and when I have time to think beyond my current moment.

What did you do to help your recovery from childbirth?