Grateful Pregnancies Part 1

For what are you grateful at this moment?  For what are you-were you grateful while being pregnant?

Being grateful shifts one’s perspective and life.  It can make anything better, and transform situations.

As we journey further into this pregnancy, I’m stopping to share moments of gratitude that I experienced while pregnant with Susanna and some from this pregnancy.  I hope you’ll share some of your own, so we can all appreciate the beauty of life and gratitude.

  • Moving at 20 weeks with Susanna. Scott and I were able to grow closer during that trek from Virginia to Utah.  We met with family members along the way, saw sights that neither of us had seen, and revisited old spots, too.  It was the last time we’d ever make the trek with a 17-foot U-Haul and an auto transport.  Oh, sweet move…
  • Working from home with this one.  While I completely appreciated the stability of my middle school teaching job, the flexibility of working from home this time has been a huge gift!
  • A phenomenal OB recommendation in Utah. Scott’s niece gave birth three weeks before I did and she shared her OB practice with me.  I’m forever thankful to her, as it was the best group for me-us!
  • Beach and park walks with this baby. When the rain isn’t pouring, we’re walking with Susanna to the beach and/or park to play and swing.  They’re amazing moments that make us all happy and keep us moving.

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  • Susanna’s kissing her future sibling. She knows that the sibling is “deep down inside” and to be gentle with him.  Her kindness towards him already makes me melt and I love it!  (Thank you, sweet girl!)
  • Breaking free of old ideas with Susanna. This goes back to the work-life reality.  It was completely scary, but totally liberating to shift how we worked.  I’m thankful we did, for the foundation laid for this pregnancy is incredible!
  • The old gnarly rocking chair in my classroom.  With Susanna, I could barely keep my eyes open after teaching four classes, so I’d curl up in an old rocking chair under a blanket and nap during lunch.  I loved that rocking chair!
  • Our greenhouse now.  It’s a constant reminder of growing beauty, of nourishing life, of patience, of care, and of love.  We all adore playing there, and sometimes I have a moment to rest while sitting on a driftwood stool there.


Won’t you share with us your moments of gratitude at any point in your life or day… Thank you!

A Re-Look at Our Ocean Home

Have you ever discovered unknown “things” about your house (or apartment) after you lived in it a while?

Humility.  Honor.  Acceptance.

We’ve been in our wonderful ocean home for nearly seven months.  Seven months of learning, of cleaning, of donating, of Craigs Listing and 2Good2Toss-ing, and of living in the now and looking beyond.  It’s ultimately been a time of acceptance … and changes.

Our initial hopes for Tumwater Shores were to redo it completely.  That might happen… one day.  Right now, however, the more we learn about this place, the more we wonder about who built it, who added on to it and changed it dramatically, and why did they do what they did.


Realistically, there are some things that are worth changing and others that aren’t worth investing our money in for the long term.  It’d kind of be like trying to dress up a burnt dinner.  Some things you just accept for what they are and embrace them and love them.

While we often spend our days going, “huh?”  We also have learned to appreciate this place more and more.

The land sold us on this place.  The longer we’ve lived here, the more we have understood it’s not just the land that is amazing, it’s the location.  Scott recently said, “if you put your finger on a map of our town where I’d like to live, it’d be this spot.”  We’re in an ideal location for beach access, for play, for exploration, and for getting to-from the few shops that we visit.


With that said, it’s quite freeing to accept our place for what it is.  It makes for more time spent on what matters to us most- family, creativity (writing), and health.

So there probably won’t be tons of Tumwater Shores updates like I had once hoped.  That’s fine with me.  There are other TS stories that are to be told and will (like how the greenhouse has been transformed into a playhouse of sorts).

What has been transforming in your life lately?  What have you been accepting?  What house secrets or discoveries have you made?

A Tale of Two Pregnancies Part 1

Has much changed in your life from another point in your life that was meaningful?

I know we’re early on in this pregnancy, but when I stop for a moment and think about how life has changed since Susanna it has my mind spinning like a kaleidoscope or a kite in the winds on our ocean beaches.

Here are just a few of the many spins and changes…

  • Jobs/Career- With Susanna, I taught middle school Spanish and then shifted to working from home as a writer.  With this one, I’m fully immersed in working from home as a writer.
  • Living Location- We moved from Virginia to Utah with Susanna.  Now we’re living in Washington with no plans of moving for a few years (well after G is born).
  • Susanna!- Why, of course, we have this sweet and spunky girl who fills our lives with joy, laughter, love, learning, and more!


  • Sense of Life- We were very much in a transition area when Susanna was underway.  This time, we’re very much moving forward with specific creative endeavors.  We can feel the time shift and the projects get bigger.
  • Housing- We rented a 2 bedroom apartment in Virginia and a 2 bedroom duplex in Utah.  This time around, we own a great little 3 bedroom place with a huge piece of land.  (It makes life a bit easier, too, with all of the space for play and wandering.)
  • Travel- With Susanna we did a fair amount of travel.  With G, we are feeling the need to stay put and create.  Though we do enjoy walks to our favorite beach and watching the gulls and bald eagles.


  • Food- Sweet Susanna let me eat anything.  G is limiting my food options and that’s fine.  I’m learning to adapt and be healthier.

What changes did you experience between pregnancies or do you anticipate between a future pregnancy?