Motherhood Your Way

Do you ever feel like you should be mothering a different way?  Or guilt about how you mother your child(ren)?

Yesterday and today I’ve come to some conclusions and had some awareness moments about how I’m mothering our daughters and the life we’re living.

  • Our life is our life.  It’s just the way it is. Translation- Just because others live a more traditional or different life does not mean I need to (or should) feel guilty about our life.  I need to embrace our life more so we truly live it.
  • Adventures are just part of our life. As I noted on an Instagram post yesterday, I’ve surrendered.  I’ve surrendered that our girls will be taken on spontaneous adventures because it’s who we are.  I’m done feeling guilty about interrupting their quiet home moments for adventures waterfall hunting, hiking, making art with seaweed, and more.
  • I need to guide our daughters as best as I can. Our life dictates different guidance.  Our girls need to be aware of certain elements, just as any other mother’s life dictates the guidance she needs to impart on her child(ren).  I need to teach our girls about walking on moss-covered rocks up waterfalls, about balance, and more.  I am and will.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Sometimes the biggest thoughts are not the largest posts.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that I need to make time for blogging a bit more, and so I will.

What have you discovered about yourself?  About your mothering?  About your life?

Yoga and Photography

Are you setting any mid-year focuses?  What nourishes you as a Mom (or mom-to-be)?

We’ve passed the Elena-is-six-months mark, so I am returning more actively to life.  My extreme baby-is-everything focus is shifting…just a bit.  As I seek to find a bit more balance in life, I’m increasing my focus on my once-in-stillness (and hidden?) yoga practice and photography.  I’d like to gain a much deeper understanding of the camera and research other options for a new one.

As I thought about these two I wondered how they go hand-in-hand.  Will a stronger yoga practice help my photography?  Will I be able to focus better on the shots as a result of a deeper and more regular yoga practice?  Will I be able to silence the Mom-life for just long enough to understand what needs to be photographed?

It seems to me that, yes, by returning to a rejuvenated yoga practice, my photography will improve.  It’s not just mental as I will be more comfortable and in tune with my body.  My awareness of the space around me will be heightened in a positive manner.  My strength and flexibility will help me to adapt to uneven terrain and challenging weather conditions.

I don’t have any scientific tests to create a baseline.  Just my own perceptions which are impacted by many factors.  I won’t be able to look at numbers and charts to see if there is a true correlation at the end of the year; however, I am excited about seeing, feeling, and living the progress.

I am grateful to be able to nurture myself as I nurture two young daughters and seek to be fully supportive of a brilliantly creative husband.

How are you balancing your own interests and needs with those of your child(ren)?  

Monday’s Hike

How is your week going?  Do you like Mondays?

On Monday we set out at 0300.  The alarm went off at 0200 and we allowed ourselves some safe waking up time.  We had plans.  Big plans.  Low tide was about two hours after sunrise.  We wanted to film and photograph for some projects.

It was worth it. Every single moment.

We went to one of the most popular places in the Olympic National Park and…

had it to ourselves, alone, at sunrise.  Brilliant!  Absolutely brilliant!  And yes, I’m grateful.  It was surreal.

After a few hours there we went on a new hike.  We weren’t ready to go home and we wanted to be out, so we agreed on a spot and went.

The hike was delightful!  Susanna started off quickly and was eager to go, not wanting to wait for us.  Elena was a bit fussy due to teething, but hung in there very well.

We didn’t bring toys for Elena, so she gnawed on the hiking pole, my finger, the camera strap, and her carrier.  Sweet girl did her best, and for that I’m grateful.

We were reminded that Susanna is a natural trail runner.  Give the girl hills, and off she goes. She’s more than skilled at climbing narrow areas and gets bored with flats.  Hmm.. like anyone else I know?  Yes, her mother.

There are moments when I’ve thought, “really? This is our life.”  Now I think, “really! This is our life!”  The change is more than punctuation, it’s an acceptance.

We fought hard for this flexibility and focus on family.  I’m determined to make the most of it.  If that means waking up at 0200 for the moments we had, so be it. I’ll do it again and again and again.

What are your weekend plans?  How have you changed your acceptance of your life?