Elena Lucia

Do you ever take time off? Are you a prepper or a live-in-the-momenter or both?

Our Shining Light (meaning of Elena) arrived last week in the best possible way. While I thought she might come early, asked her quietly if she would please consider staying within until the surgery date. I trusted our OB best and hoped for the healthiest birth experience for her and me.

She listened. She was born at the exact same time as her sister. Our medical team was top! I’ll share more about them later, but for now, just know that our gratitude is immense for a small, often overlooked community hospital.

Elena and I made it home last Friday. After a tough night or so, we’ve settled in.

My body and heart demand in song and rhythm time to heal, to grow, to rest, and to nurture our family as individuals and as a whole.

We’re spending warm times at home, making short trips to the beach, and loving every moment.

Elena is our sunshine and sunset. She plays well with her sister of hope.

So if posts are a little unique at times, it’s because I’m letting my heart dictate the timing. I need this for me and our family.

What are you celebrating now? What is your heart dictating? 


Repeat C-Section Thoughts

Did you have any thoughts about your labor and delivery?  Did you wonder about anything before it or during it?

We’re heading into the short-term time frame before our RCS.  We have a date on the calendar for it, but I haven’t shared it with many, as I felt I shared too much last time we were going through the waiting-labor-delivery-postpartum time.   This time, my heart says to cocoon, but I know sometimes sharing is best.

I’ve had a long time to think and wonder about this RCS.  It started at my six-week postpartum visit with Susanna when I asked our OB about the likelihood of a VBAC.  He told me my best hope would be to wait two years and to have a baby who weighed  under seven pounds.  We’re about at the two year mark, and I have no idea of the weight of E.

What I do have ideas about are the thoughts in my head and heart related to this RCS.  They sound a little like this…

  • I’m incredibly thankful to have a skilled OB whom I trust. (A different one than with Susanna, whom I also trusted, as we’ve moved.)
  • I wonder how my body will respond to a spinal versus the epidural.
  • Is my desire to be back swimming by mid-March realistic?
  • I know I’m to take six-to-eight weeks off of rest, and I’m fine with that.  However, I’d like to do some gentle postpartum yoga when my body feels best..even before that time frame.  We’ll see…
  • For how long will I be in the hospital?  I’m accepting of what is best, and would like to return home to my S-crew as soon as possible.
  • Will we take E out for a clam dig shortly after we’re discharged?  (It’s a clamming week/weekend here…)
  • I’ve done less core work this pregnancy.  How will that impact things?
  • Rather, how will my swimming benefit me in the recovery process?  (It still amazes me that the swims are as long as they are this late in the pregnancy.)
  • Will I be able to contain Susanna’s energy when she visits during visiting hours?
  • What will it be like to not snuggle Susanna to sleep for a few nights?  
  • What music (if any?) will be playing in the OR?  (We had Christmas carols for Susanna’s birth thanks to Doreen the tech at McKay-Dee in Ogden.)
  • How fast will I enter recovery?  How soon after will Susanna arrive?  
  • What will the first pictures of Scott’s “girls” look like?
  • Will I be able to play with photos and backgrounds of E as I hope?

Yes, so many thoughts.  So much anticipation, but calm.  So much faith that all will be just as it needs to be.

Were your thoughts calm or chaotic as you lead up to delivering your child(ren)?  Do any of the shared thoughts resemble yours at any point?

4th Trimester Food Prep

Are you prepping or did you prep food for the 4th trimester? Do you and your hub/spouse/SO/partner eat the same foods?

Soon. Very soon we’ll be in 4th trimester land. Unlike with Susanna, we have a chest freezer and I’m aware that we’ll possibly be doing an RCS (repeat C-section). In order to meet the needs of all of us, I’ve been prepping a mass amount of food.

When our daughter arrives, it will ease my mind to know that we’re fed. It will also help, as the weather has turned. Some days a 60-mile round trip drive to the grocery store on narrow roads is unappealing.

Oh, and since Scott primarily eats meat and I don’t, I’ve double prepped food-wise for the 4th trimester. (Susanna eats a combo of our meals or her own.)

4th Trimester Meat Meals

  • Great Northern bean soup
  • Black bean soup with bacon
  • Chicken noodle casserole
  • Chicken rice casserole
  • Balsamic chicken
  • Pulled pork
  • Steak stewp (stew-soup combo)
  • Chicken tortilla soup
  • Lamb Masala
  • Lamb stew
  • Veal pasta sauce
  • Layered chicken enchiladas

There are at least 4 meals of all of these. We also have stocked up on sale meat and frozen it. That allows for steaks, whole chickens, wings, roasts, etc.

4th Trimester Veg Meals and Snacks

  • Quinoa stuffed peppers
  • Granola
  • GF muffins (apple-oat, banana-oat, and likely pumpkin)
  • GF pancakes
  • Granola bars

I eat pretty simply, and it’s easier to prep meals on the spot. We’ve started to rearrange the kitchen so I can prep more fluidly for myself and other meals in general.  There’s more to come in the process, and while I’ll be relying on the freezer meals, it will be nice to have the random meal of rice and sauteed vegs or baked squash, etc.

What tips do you have for preparing food for the fourth trimester?  Did you stock up on any staples or rearrange anything to make your life easier for food and the fourth trimester?