Monday’s Hike

How is your week going?  Do you like Mondays?

On Monday we set out at 0300.  The alarm went off at 0200 and we allowed ourselves some safe waking up time.  We had plans.  Big plans.  Low tide was about two hours after sunrise.  We wanted to film and photograph for some projects.

It was worth it. Every single moment.

We went to one of the most popular places in the Olympic National Park and…

had it to ourselves, alone, at sunrise.  Brilliant!  Absolutely brilliant!  And yes, I’m grateful.  It was surreal.

After a few hours there we went on a new hike.  We weren’t ready to go home and we wanted to be out, so we agreed on a spot and went.

The hike was delightful!  Susanna started off quickly and was eager to go, not wanting to wait for us.  Elena was a bit fussy due to teething, but hung in there very well.

We didn’t bring toys for Elena, so she gnawed on the hiking pole, my finger, the camera strap, and her carrier.  Sweet girl did her best, and for that I’m grateful.

We were reminded that Susanna is a natural trail runner.  Give the girl hills, and off she goes. She’s more than skilled at climbing narrow areas and gets bored with flats.  Hmm.. like anyone else I know?  Yes, her mother.

There are moments when I’ve thought, “really? This is our life.”  Now I think, “really! This is our life!”  The change is more than punctuation, it’s an acceptance.

We fought hard for this flexibility and focus on family.  I’m determined to make the most of it.  If that means waking up at 0200 for the moments we had, so be it. I’ll do it again and again and again.

What are your weekend plans?  How have you changed your acceptance of your life?

Hiking the Upper Queets Valley with Kids

Are there favorite places that you like to take your child(ren)?  Are there unexpected spots of beauty that blow your mind away? 

A few Sundays ago we were going to head up to the Ruby Beach tide pools really early in the morning, but before the alarm went off at 0400, I heard snoring.  I saw a contentedly sleeping toddler near me.  I sighed.  I turned off my alarm and dashed my hopes of a beautiful time shooting sunrise and tide pools.

After we awoke, Scott and I chatted.  I was frustrated.  I didn’t want life to be stopped because of sleeping.  We figured out a plan, and decided, “well, let’s just do it!”  Of course, traveling with a five month old and almost two and one-half year old meant that our plans changed.  Again.  And Again.

Yes, flexibility and adaptability are key to our endeavors and adventures.  I’m so glad we embrace each other, life, and those traits.  We had a marvelous double hiking day.  Our last hike was in the Upper Queets Valley.  We followed it with a few unexpected stops in the area.  It was magnificent!

I’ll let the images do the talking.






Do you want to share any of your favorite or mind-blowing-away spots?



Am I Asking Too Much?

Have you ever wondered if you’re asking or expecting too much?  From yourself?  From your spouse or partner?  From your children?  How do you know?  How do you define or come to peace or acceptance with it?

Last week we were visiting Scott’s family while we focused on shooting for a project.  As it usually happens, I stayed up a bit later and chatted with his Mom as she watched a movie and wrote e-mails.  It’s a special time, one I cherish, with two wise women chatting away.  Often we pass along guidance to each other in just a beautiful blend.

I was worried, a bit, about the trip.  It had been on my mind for a while.  I stopped and looked at Scott’s Mom, and asked, “Am I asking too much of them?  Am I asking our daughters to be too flexible?”

I sometimes, especially lately as projects and travel have intensified, wonder if our lifestyle is too much for our daughters.  If they would be better leading their own lives, primarily playing, staying in a structured routine, etc.  If being on the road, waking up early, eating breakfast in the car or on the side of the road after we film is asking more of them than I should. If, well, our lifestyle is best for raising two healthy daughters.

My sweet mother-in-love looked at me, after patiently listening to me, and said, “Nope.  I think you are doing just fine and they will benefit from your lifestyle.”


With that all of my worries, all of my wonders went out the window into the ether of the unknown.   They went poof and in came another invisible, but highly present element- faith.  I felt miraculously calm and okay with what we were doing, how we were living, and even felt refreshed that, somehow, maybe just maybe, our lifestyle was benefiting or enhancing our daughters’ lives.

It’s not always the easiest thing, as a mother- to trust that what we are doing is best.  It’s not always the most comfortable thing- to focus on raising healthy children while pursuing one’s creative endeavors.

Yes, I’ve seen our girls flourish in this wandering, storytelling life of ours, but sometimes… a Mom’s heart just needs a bit of a reminder, a reassurance, and a perspective that is outside of her own.  Likely from another, trusted Mom.

Do you ever wonder and worry about your life and its impact on your child(ren)?  Do you have a trusted Mom crew to which to turn?